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Agua en América Latina y el Caribe: Mejor gobernabilidad puede mejorar el acceso, dice la OCDE

En países latinoamericanos, la población crece a un ritmo mayor que el promedio mundial, lo cual intensifica el uso de la tierra y aumenta la urbanización. La región también es propensa a los impactos negativos del cambio climático y de los desastres naturales. – Brazil

Water in Latin America and the Caribbean: better governance can improve access

In Latin American and Caribbean countries the population is growing faster than the world average, intensifying land use and increasing urbanisation. The region is also prone to the negative impact of climate change and natural disasters, putting further pressure on natural resources. – Brazil

Human Resources Management: Country Profiles

These country notes profile public sector human resource practices and policies, covering issues including legal frameworks; age and gender composition of workers; public sector restructuring; management practices; industrial relations and reforms. – Brazil

OECD peer review of Brazil’s Federal Court of Accounts (TCU):Tuesday 4 December 2012, Brasilia

The OECD’s new Public Governance Review of Brazil’s Supreme Audit Institution – the Federal Court of Accounts (TCU) – assesses the governance arrangements for the external audit of the Accounts of the President of the Republic. The report includes proposals to strengthen the positive impact of the audit on the executive and legislature’s decision making

Brazil: Enhancing audit reporting is key to the integrity of government accounts

Brazil’s supreme audit institution – the Federal Court of Accounts (TCU) – has began a process to reform its audit of the Accounts of the President of the Republic to enhance transparency and accountability of federal budget execution. – Brazil

Closing the Gender Gap – country note: Brazil

Gains in female education attainment have contributed to a worldwide increase in women’s participation in the labour force, but considerable gaps remain in working hours, conditions of employment and earnings.  More specific data for Brazil are available in this country note. – Brazil

Brazil: better co-ordination needed to support sustained and equitable growth

Brazil’s economic growth has been supported in recent years by important government investment and social programmes that mobilise resources across the country. These programmes could help Brazil to meet its goals of sustaining economic growth and fostering social development, while reducing regional disparities. – Brazil

Brasil: é preciso melhorar a coordenação para apoiar o crescimento sustentado e equitativo

Nos últimos anos, o crescimento econômico do Brasil teve o apoio de importantes investimentos e programas sociais do governo, que mobilizaram recursos em todo o país. Esses programas podem ajudar o Brasil a atingir seus objetivos de crescimento econômico sustentado e promover o desenvolvimento social, reduzindo as disparidades regionais. – Brazil